Spec Miata transmission specialists for the smooth fast shifts you need at the track or on the street
  • Don't let your tranny or clutch rob your power meant for the wheels
  • Avoid those missed or grinding shifts that cost you positions on the track
  • We can rebuild your tranny or send you a complete rebuild with detailed removal instructions
email us at for more information on how to go faster!!!
Contact Us
5120 Shallowford Road
Lewisville, NC 27012
(336) 416-2339
Our Services:
  • Remanufactured Transmissions and exchanges! Also available for solo and street miatas
  • We can ship a newly rebuilt Spec Miata Tranny and Arrange for the return of your core from anywhere in the continental USA
  • We supply detailed instructions and telephone advice to help you change out your tranny.
If you would rather we take care of the details of your tranny exchange...
We can meet you at the track and exchange a new tranny for your core in 3 hours in the SEDIV. Give us a call and we can schedule a trackside appointment.
The power from your enginge has to get to the ground. Don't let your tranny interfere!!!!
  • Have you noticed grinding in the shifts?
  • Having a hard time finding third?
  • We can help cut those lap times with smooth, fast shifts!!!
Our Spec Miata Transmissions!!!